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The technology that makes keyless, wire-free buildings a reality.

SALTO’s SVN system is a wire-free, data-on-card technology that transforms building access. SVN-Flex takes it one step further, allowing any stand-alone electronic locks to read and update card access information.

This expands the number of updating points, increasing the security, control, effectiveness and convenience for users and system managers. The communication between devices flows in real-time on wireless online access points and much faster on offline points.

Main features and benefits

Main features and benefits

Virtually any door and any access point can be an updating point


Since any door lock can be an updating point for any user, now you can organize your building infrastructure freely - and wirelessly! The door with the most traffic can now be the one that updates user credentials.

With a complete hardware and electronic locking platform - which fits virtually any door, suiting all vertical markets - there's no restriction to having the door you want as an access updating point.

Thanks to SALTO Virtual Network's core technology, once a credential is up to date the changes are effective on all offline doors, making your system more connected than ever.

Main features and benefits

Convenient and improves operational efficiency


SVN-Flex improves the efficiency, reliability and potential of the SALTO Virtual Network, increasing security, control and convenience for users while reducing the cost of installation.

Dramatically reduce the cost of traditional updating points since any door with an electronic lock can now be used for updating user credentials. Now doors with the most traffic can be used as an updating point to deliver the most up-to-date and efficient access control system.

Experience a hybrid system that combines wireless, online SVN-Flex locks and SALTO offline networked locks, resulting in a cost-effective solution that includes all important functionalities.

SVN-Flex provides full control. Since any door can be an updating point, all system information – even offline doors – is refreshed much more frequently. Manage and secure access control for all facilities right from your desk. Check battery status – which optimizes maintenance – and user event information in just a few easy steps.

Main features and benefits

Enhances security and improves overall access flow


The SVN-Flex solution enhances security for any type of door, eliminating key management issues and user authorization changes in real-time, from any access point. Increase security by having a higher number of doors distribute information about access privilege changes, lost key cancellations, updated blacklist information, offline networked audit records and much more.

Communication between devices flows in real-time on wireless online access points and much faster on offline points. This drastically reduces the time gap in collecting critical information.

In case of a power failure, the system keeps functioning due to SALTO Virtual Network SVN backbone technology which ensures access cards and locks remain operational without compromising access for users.

And thanks to SALTO Wireless BLUEnet technology, door status monitoring, Lockdowns, emergency openings, remote openings, intrusion alarms, and more, can be performed at the click of a mouse or can be programmed automatically through the SALTO ProAccess SPACE software alarm engine module’s trigger alarm.

Main features and benefits

Cost-effective, quick and easy maintenance


SVN-Flex electronic locking technology offers a cost-effective way to quickly and easily upgrade traditional mechanical key-operated door locks without having to replace the door and with no hardwiring required.

Because SALTO electronic locks are so easy to install, installing wireless locks is faster than implementing a traditional hardwired hotspot solution. And since updating access points are not limited to wired online doors, SVN-Flex combines the functionality of an online system with the advantage of controlling offline networked locks, as well.

This innovative, wire-free technology offers backwards compatibility and can be cross-linked and integrated into an existing SALTO SVN network just by replacing an existing lock and fitting a new SVN-Flex enabled lock or cylinder.

Plus, you can check battery status – and optimize maintenance! – as well as user event information in just a few easy steps.


User smart key transmits to electronic lock / reader:

  • Deleted cards list
  • User access rights

SVN-Flex wireless lock transmits to user smart key:

  • Access event
  • Battery status

User key transmits to the system via SVN:

  • User access event
  • Visited door battery status
  • Deleted cards list
  • User access rights

SVN-Flex wireless lock transmits to user smart key:

  • Deleted card list
  • Updated user access rights
  • Expiry date renovation

SALTO ProAccess SPACE functions:

  • Add or delete users remotely
  • User profiles updated easily
  • Dynamic event audit trail
  • Remote stand-alone device battery status report
  • Expiry date renovation

There are no restrictions, any door serves as a hotspot. SVN-Flex functionality can be enabled on new SALTO latest generation electronic lock.


The quickness of the implementation of changes is really convincing. This makes the system so easy to manage.

Daniel Skadlubowicz - Deputy Head of Information Systems EQOS Energy Germany, Biberach

Our new SALTO solution has no limitations in terms of scalability and therefore provides the College with a technology which is easy and cost effective to deploy as the site grows.

Philip Gale - Facilities Manager All Saints’ College - Perth, Western Australia

We knew for a project this unique, SALTO was the only solution…. Every other access control solution available on the market is playing catch up to the technology native to the SALTO solution.

Norman Roe - Chief Executive Officer Synergy Fiber - Texas A&M University, USA

We literally have no hard keys on property. Everything is accessed through an RFID device. The system is a virtual network because we have deployed key readers at every elevator and every point of entry which forces an exchange of information from keys to network and network to keys every four hours or less…. Our security at the Hilton Boston Downtown Faneuil Hall is second to none because we have control of all of our locks – guest, public, back of house – and that makes issuing access and auditing activities superior to anything our competitive set has in place.

Hilton Boston Downtown Faneuil Hall - Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Thanks to the SALTO Virtual Network, we can retrofit our interior doors with intelligence, but we have less costs and effort because there is no wiring. It was also important for us that the access rights were written to the cards directly at the online wall reader and not via an additional update terminal.

Christian Tambach - Head of Technology and Construction Ernst-Moritz-Arndt-University, Greifswald

Why SVN-Flex

IT Management

Combine the reliability, security and scalability of an on-premises access control solution with the flexibility and availability of stand-alone networked electronic lock technology.

  • Stand-alone, battery-operated electronic locks (No hardwire installation on doors).
  • Easy to cross-link stand-alone, wireless locks and online access points and integrate into existing IT networks for access with SVN-Flex technology without consuming IT resources.
  • Reliable on-premises infrastructure for access control, designed to adapt and grow with your needs, from just one door up to hundreds of doors with thousands of users.
  • Based-on multiapplication RFID works with every popular smart keycard covering the mainstream RFID technologies.
  • Web-based software that facilitates the set-up, routine use and monitoring, as well as any updating and changing of access rights.
  • Unmatched levels of data protection with advanced security and highest standard encryption communications.
  • Standard System network requirements


SVN-Flex technology is an easy-to-use system that integrates all physical security needs through networked, stand-alone, battery-operated smart locks.

  • Provides a safe and convenient environment for users, visitors and external staff. Giving you all the latest users’ access information for virtually all doors in your facility.
  • Advanced access control capabilities, designed to give end users ultimate freedom of choice regarding system layout, type and number of access points as well as level of security.
  • Trusted access control management platform and high quality electronic locking solutions.
  • Update and renew straight away user’s access permissions and access levels at the click of a button.
  • Seamless integration with Physical Security Information Management Systems (PSIM) and building automation systems. Makes it easy for the facility owner to add SALTO security to its existing systems.
  • Optimises the use of public access areas by employing the flexibility of the system to change access plans easily.
  • Instant key cancellation after notice of loss, for user’s security and peace of mind.


Manage and secure access control for all of your facilities right from your desk thanks to SVN-Flex technology.

  • Check battery status (to optimize maintenance) and door status information in just a few easy steps.
  • Low set-up cost and maintenance reducing costs and time of installation.
  • Broad range of hardware, making smart access to any door possible to cover all the needs of any type of building.
  • Efficiently use the natural movements of different groups of users within and across the individual areas of the facility to update the door network.
  • Remotely administrate and manage maintenance opertations, reducing help desk calls and support overhead, optimising low battery warnings and door status messages.


SVN-Flex allows system administrators to efficiently manage their building while providing a better user keyless and mobile experience.

  • Eliminates the need for users to go to specific doors to update / revalidate their expired key or change their access plan.
  • Provide 24/7 real-time access, monitoring and security.
  • Ensure facility security and accesibility, no more key delivery costs nor time-consuming procedures when keys are lost.
  • Give, change and remove users keys remotely without the need of being physically present.
  • Leverages industry-leading security practices, including advanced encryption, to provide users a secure and seamless keyless and mobile experience.

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